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What Moves You Makes You
Centuries of collected knowledge, decades of experience, years of development and hundreds of hours of dedicated labour – they all culminate in a Montblanc timepiece coming to life. The watchmakers at Montblanc locations in Villeret and Le Locle put their pride, passion and soul into each timepiece using skills that have been handed down through generations.


Explore some of our main watch novelties at a glance.


The master watchmakers of the Montblanc Manufacture combine the brand’s values with genuine Swiss watchmaking precision and thus harmonise perfectly with the company’s high expectations concerning craftsmanship and quality standards.

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Montblanc 1858

The 1858 collection is inspired by the professional Minerva watches of the 1920s and 30s that were intended for military use and mountain exploration. Reinterpreting Minerva pocket watches and chronographs, Montblanc 1858 timepieces capture the spirit of the past in a modern way, expressing the back-to-nature trend of adventure.

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Star Legacy

The Montblanc Star Legacy Collection takes inspiration from the Minerva heritage and the company’s pocket watches made during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, to express the spirit of classical fine watchmaking.

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The Bohème Collection interprets the codes of fine watchmaking in an elegant and feminine way: refined dials with precious guilloché and filets sautés, sophisticated integration of the date aperture and distinctive Arabic numerals. The classic case with its faceted integrated horns perfectly blends Montblanc’s elegance with essential functionality.

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Summit Smartwatch

Named after its ambition to be a wearable companion that keeps its owner ahead in all aspects of life, Summit is a new digital interpretation of fine watchmaking that seamlessly brings together the Swiss design codes of traditional timepieces, premium materials and brand-new technology.


Montblanc Watchmaking is built on a set-up that brings two manufactures together, based in Le Locle and in Villeret, in the Swiss Jura mountains.
The Montblanc watchmaking story began in 1858 when Charles-Ivan Robert founded a watch workshop in Villeret. This marked the beginning of the historic Minerva era. By the end of the 19th century, their pocket watches started to gain recognition. The Minerva manufacture’s success resulted in the company becoming a leading specialist in professional watches (stopwatches & chronographs) for measuring small intervals of time with high precision during the 20th century.
Today, the Montblanc timepieces continue the journey of over 160 years of Minerva history into its collection with : 1858, Heritage and Star Legacy product lines, all linking the past and the present through design, style and technical innovation.